Shining the Spotlight on Fellow Pod-Nerd Ellen Ronalds Keene

Welcome to episode 007 of The VA Podcast!

Today we're joined by Ellen Ronalds Keene, a fellow Virtual Assistant, and a former teacher.

Ellen Ronalds Keene is a teacher turned entrepreneur who is passionate about education, health & wellbeing, podcasts, and cafe breakfasts. She splits her time between teaching wellbeing business Self-Care for Teachers and consulting work supporting other business owners with their podcasts and digital content. Having had some significant health challenges in her early 20s, Ellen relishes the fact that she gets to choose her own agenda for her life every day.

Here are some of the topics that Ellen and Ashleigh talk about

  • Ellen's journey from Fiverr to her current business model as a digital content consultant and also combining her work as a Virtual Assistant with her educational background

  • The process that Ellen went through to become a podcast host

  • Tips about what you need to focus on when you're pitching to guests and also the importance of providing guests with information on what they need to do to promote the show

  • The importance of having a vision for your Virtual Assistant business which takes advantage of your zone of genius

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